Covid-19: Online Buggyfit/Circuits & Pilates

Covid-19 has changed our lives in the short term but that doesn’t mean we should forget about our health.

Pre and Post Natal exercise is vital to ensure you are healthy and active before your baby arrives, it is the best way to get you back in shape after your new arrival and can also support a healthy immune system during this pandemic.

Whilst Covid-19 has temporarily changed our lives I still feel it is important to provide new mums with the support and social aspect of my classes – albeit from the safety of our homes.

We have set up FaceBook online sessions throughout the week so that you can take part in exercise live, but also continue the conversations with each other throughout the week. My insurance has confirmed I am still covered to run classes this way and I remain fully qualified in Pre and Post Natal exercise.







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Running – the postnatal debate!

Many experts still cannot agree on the definitive answer to this “when a postnatal Mum can or should run” as all human beings are different and all births are different.  Mum activity,  including running, has grown in popularity in the last 15 years, however most logged research has been based on elite athletes, (Paula Radcliffe and team mates) not a ‘general Mum’ running a slow 100m stretch in a BuggyFit class, or for 30 minutes around a park on a Saturday morning..

If you are keen to get back to running, the key considerations for any postnatal woman are stabilisation and rehabilitation. New Mums need to regain full joint and pelvic stability, realign muscular rebalance, altered biomechanics, and heavy breasts and there could be a change in gait/foot strike.  Your precious cargo is something to consider if you wish to run with a buggy too.

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