An adapted Pilates class suitable during pregnancy or from 6 weeks after birth.





Pre and Postnatal Pilates is an exercise class designed by Charly of C.A.N. DO Family Fitness, using the principles of Contrology by Joseph Pilates. Pilates uses movements which strengthen the body by working the core and posterior chain and the mind by using focus and control. Pre and Postnatal Pilates will help to strengthen your body ready for childbirth and also repair and rebuild in the weeks and months afterwards. Suitable during pregnancy and from 6 weeks postnatal or 8-12 weeks for a C- section birth once you have had your GP check up. Pilates is a great class for all mums regardless of prior exercise history.


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Online Class accessible from the comfort of your own home








Pilates Classes:

Monday 1pm – 2pm

Monday 8pm – 9pm


Pilates Costs and Booking:

Trial Session: £5.00
(Valid for your first session only)

Block of 5 sessions: £25
(Equates to £5 per session – Valid for 6 weeks)

Block of 10 sessions: £45
(Equates to £4.50 per session – Valid for 12 weeks)

Pay As You Go Sessions: £6.50
(Single session payment)

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Pilates FAQs:

Please view our Pilates FAQs – Click here for Pilates FAQs



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