It is with much excitement that C.A.N DO Family Fitness introduces Buggyfit at Home –  a brand new strand of Buggyfit.

Buggyfit at Home provides you with the opportunity to do Buggyfit classes on your own, perfect if you can’t make class, have gone back to work, or want to compliment what you already do in class.

It is a 14 week programme that you can access throughout the year, so you are able to revisit various weeks when you want.

The course has been developed alongside Emma Redding, founder of Buggyfit and Megan Vickers, a 5* women’s health physio from Four Sides, London.

This progressive programme focuses on stabilisation and building the foundations of a post birth body. Starting with a step by step guide to ‘checking your own abdominal gap’, posture and pelvic floor function, warm up suggestions, stretching guide, working the participant a little harder each week to gain strength, tone and confidence.

You can do each week’s workout as often as you find time for, while baby naps or with baby by your side. With Emma and Megan instructing and describing each exercise, you can be safe in the knowledge that the whole programme is full of completely safe and nourishing exercises leaving you feeling great.



Click the link above for more information and to take great advantage of Buggyfit at Home.

Make sure you always click on a link from me, as then they can connect me to you and I can follow up and provide assistance as needed!

Hopefully for some of you that have gone back to work or want to work that extra little bit more, this will help you!


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